Ok, so it has been awhile since i got on here. So in the past few months life has been kinda changing. I have gotten older and more mature and get annoyed very easily now. I have begun speaking my mind a lot lately. I am in a teaching class and can't wait for my chance to job shadow some educators of great stature. I have really just give up on trying to have a love life, basically im tired of chasing this girl who says she likes me yet dates other boys and not me. I traded cars with my mom so now im driving the van. I like the van its up high. I have been hanging out with Majy_the_Dragon a lot lately. I think we are becoming close friends again. We have drifted apart a lot over the last couple of years. The changes of the world and the people in it are coming quickly. I'm seeing more and more people being layed off in the area i live in and my state. I am ready to just get through with high school and start college. I want to get a degree in either political science, phycology, or business. I am supporting anyone with their future endevors(if i spelt that right). I want to start a charity that raises money to give to kids with cancer to pay their bills and just help fund the research for the cure. I think that covers a lot of whats been happening.


Well today I just relaxed. I went to my grandma's and we visited for a while. Then I came home and went to my other grandma's and watched the race dvd. My dad wants me to clean my car but I think I will wait a while. I am ready to go to school so I can work in the library.

So today consisted of waking up and eating breakfast pretty quickly. I then went to sears with my dad and got my allowance out of the bank. I went and got gas. After I got back there was a tree company comming to cut down a tree on my road. Me and my dad filmed the whole thing. I then came inside and went back out to take my neighbors lawnmower back to them. After I returned from that strenuous task, I walked across the road and saw my little cousin. I returned home and then left to go get something to eat. I ate mcdonalds. That was pretty much my day. Awsomeness is a power not a priviledge. Peace out and have an awsome sunday ppl.

Enjoying the rain, but I hope the cold weather comes quickly. I am like totally ready for the winter. It's fun riding fourwheelers in the snow. Just  got to get the fourwheeler running now. Tommorrow is my first driving day in drivers ed. If I'm not driving I am in the library helping with magazines and other librarial duties. That's pretty much it for today.


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